Monday, February 02, 2009

More help?

Just so we are clear on this....our little cardinal has been around here for quite some time.
We KNOW for sure that she is the same one too
Because she has distinctive tail feathers
Or should I say "lacks" tail feathers?
I knew it was a good idea to toss out naming this little "red bird"
(as my mother-in-law used to call them) to my blog family.
Because YOU are WAY more creative than I am at this sort of thing

Here are the favorites -- mostly because I liked your "reasoning"
"Darla"   (Nate chose this name because that's the name that comes to mind when there is a "special" girl around)

"Gladys"  (from Cara - with a nod to Gladys Cravits from Bewitched -- who was the snooping neighbor)

"Peasey" (from Wendy -- as she claims she is always "peeking in on my blog" to see what I'm up to -- and the "birdie without a PC" becomes "P-C" a.k.a. "Peasey" --- get it?  Very clever Wendy!

"Dorie" (from Brianna, with a nod to the "special fish" on Finding Nemo)

These are the HARD to choose, once again....I beg for your help!  And...I promise I won't blog about this weird bird for a long time after today.  Really.

Coming this week:
  • A Mall of America "virgin"
  • Interview with Danae Joy
  • Dance Class??????


  1. hahaha, i like Cara's too, almost as much as mine. ;)

    But Brianna's made me think of "Flo" who was the reflection "twin" of Deb who was crazy and would talk to the reflection in the glass of the tank. hahaha

  2. hahaha, and i also think it's hilarious in the picture of her on the chair, how she's looking at the camera, looking like, "what the heck is YOUR problem?"

    But i think my favorite memory of her is when she would bring her "husband" and he would just sit back in the pine tree and watch her, looking like, "i can't believe i 'married' this bird...:"


  3. Nate, as always, you crack me up!

  4. jezabel. Not sure why, just came to me

  5. oh and it's spelled Dory, i think. :-)

  6. and i vote mine. ;)

  7. The only one I don't vote for is offense... but we had a cat when I was growing up and her name was Jezabel...and she was a tramp. Peasey (or whatever you decide to name her) seems a little more ladylike that that...


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