Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Message in a bottle

I get tired of just sending cards with money in them, or cards with gift cards to my nieces and nephews.  So once in a while (I wish I could say I did it all the time) I like to fill a bottle with some birthday fun.

I start with a basic - plastic 2-liter bottle.  Then I drink all the pop in it the bottle....and burp.
Next, with a gut full of pop, I clean and dry the bottle  (if you are in a hurry, a hair dryer works great!)

Next I cut a slit in the middle of the bottle. I like to make an "H" cut.  
However, if you prefer, a capital "I" will work too!  Make sure you make the slit going the length of the bottle!

Filling the bottle is the fun part!  Load it with candy, gum, dollar store items.  I found some really cute socks that had the days of the week on them.  Remember the "days of the week" underwear girls?  I admit it, I had some.....and I refused to wear them on the wrong days. 
After you fill the bottle, wrap some pretty paper around it and secure with packing tape.
Be sure to cover all the edges.  I happened to have a pretty address label to use. Gluing the cap on is a good idea too.
Note:  the butterfly is a photo shop sticker to protect the privacy of the birthday girl!
The bottles cost between $4.50 and $5 to mail.  You just  put the postage right on the bottle and mail US Mail!  
This pretty young girl is 
moving into the double-digits this year!
Brigs and I think it's pretty cool that
we share the same birthday (in a few days).
I couldn't have asked for a better
 birthday present than to get a sweet niece! 


  1. I've heard you talk about this but now I actually have a "visual". Might have to try this one on my little college boy :)

    Do the people at the post office look at you wierd????

    PS...Brigs is sooooooo beautiful !

  2. Cool idea. I was thinking the same thing as Jackie about taking it to the post office just like that. I'm a paranoid pyschotic so I'm pretty sure I'd have to put it in a box. I wouldn't want any snoopers!

  3. What a cute idea! I think you should call them up before you burp though...why should they have to miss that part of the gift! :-) Grace has the same birthday as her Auntie is fun!


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