Monday, February 23, 2009


Late last night (as in Sunday), Nate and I were mellowing out (is that a correct term?) on the couch.  He was watching silly YouTube videos, which we'd laugh at together, while I tried to read my photography book.

Suddenly Nate remembered (or got a reminder) that Comet Lulin would be visible in the sky on Sunday night.  However, he didn't think we'd be able to see it.

But.....we HAD to know.  So we grabbed our coats and went outside.  Then we came back in and got gloves and hats.  Then we saw it.  Right there in the sky over our garage roof.  Lulin.....the Comet!

Comet Lulin, a strange, backward-traveling, greenish-hued ball of ice and gas, will make its closest approach to Earth on the evening of Monday, Feb. 23.

It'll still be 38 million miles away, but should be visible with the naked eye in dark locations, and with binoculars or a telescope in more lit-up locations.
It's the last time anyone will ever be able to see Lulin.  I think it's pretty cool I started out my 50th year seeing Lulin.  

The best part though.....was seeing the Comet with my boy.

Thanks Nate!


  1. love this post! What a fun memory for your birthday!

  2. I wanted to see Lulin.


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