Thursday, February 19, 2009

Disaster zone

Last night while making these . . .

I also managed to make a huge mess in the kitchen

and as much as I'd like you to believe 
that I am very tidy baker (and cook), 
my family would give me up in a heartbeat.
It's not unusual to find 
butter wrappers & egg shells 
on the counter
and drawers and doors open
and the trash in the middle of the room
and the counters covered in supplies.

The outcome is worth it....

and since I can't stand a messy kitchen....I clean it up.

because a clean kitchen brings peace (to me)...
especially after the chaos of a cooking/baking frenzy!

Your turn...
Are you a clean-as-you-go kind of cook?
everything-out-at-once kind of cook?


  1. I do both, depending on the mood I'm in, by the way, the muffins look scrum"chew"ous.

  2. Definitely clean as I go, which makes me the most annoying person to be in the kitchen with if you are a "clean it up when you're done" kind because I'm grabbing stuff right out from under you to put it back or throw it away.

  3. Clean as i go...i normally will clean up after mom even ;) It can be's not spotless as i go...for sure never start cooking in a messy kitchen...drives me crazy :)

  4. i'm a clean as i go cook!

  5. As I prepare, everything's out at once...there's alot of banging and craching of pans when I cook. Just ask the family. Rick's words are, "oh oh, Mom's in the kitchen again" Ha.

    I will not begin the baking process until everything is put away and the counter is once again a clean slate.

  6. Anonymous1:30 PM CST

    I clean as I go, even wash dishes as I go...I have very little counter space, so the chaos and mess takes the joy out of cooking for me...and i totally agree with Cara, that I never start cooking in a messy kitchen....EVER

  7. Clean as I go---I pretty anal about cleaning the kitchen.


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