Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A "Catch"

He can sew buttons, change diapers, feed babies, make delicious homemade fudge, chocolate chip cookies & brownies (from a box).

....and he could be your child's teacher elementary school teacher some day!  As they used to say, back in the day...."he's a catch" !

Sorry Nate, hope you don't mind this blog post......don't be hate'n!
Love, Mom


  1. One of my memories growing up as a teen -- was helping my Mom thread the needle -- this must have been the point she was in denial about needing cheaters / bifocals.

    Now that I'm there with cheaters and bifocals -- I can certainly understand the need for help with threading the needle :) Thank God for good eyecare / glasses.

  2. Haha I so remember learning to sew a button on when i was 5!!!! I got a sewing kit from Aunt Sherry Yaddow. I think all i did was sew on buttons for a week.

    On another brother IS a catch and i forgot to tell you this but a girl i work with was looking at the blog with your interview...she thinks your cute!


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