Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aaahhhhh, the weekend

We had a busy weekend here at the cottage.....

Typically, DIY guy and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.
However.....that said, this year I had saved up a bit of cash and bought him something useful...

Yes, I bought DIY guy a kitchen appliance....a Belgium Waffle Maker
Because.....he loves waffles.
Waffles at home .... our dinner on Saturday Feb. 14th.
and they were AMAZING!!
While we were in the Taj-ma-garage painting...
a package was delivered...
for ME!
An early (and the first) birthday present!
This recycled "smashed" bottle was a gift
from Sandy & sister & brother-in-law.
Today was more painting in the garage...and I did a little decorative painting of my own.
I got around to painting the inside of my antique cupboard -- now you can actually see the items in it....and now I need to actually arrange the stuff in there....that's a job for tomorrow.
Then, in true Cheri long as I had the painting gear out....I painted the formica "window sill" in the kitchen....first a coat of sticky primer --- then the dark brown-greenish color.
I love it....makes a ton of difference.  Someday, there will be new countertops...and who knows what will be in that corner....but for now...this is perfect.
Yes -
A candlelight dinner
then some dancing --
because....well, we can!
Benefits of the empty nest!!!
Saturday night we watched "Fireproof" together.  Good movie...a little hokey in the beginning...but the overall theme was excellent.  A great reminder to couples at all stages & ages.
Off to watch some Grey's Anatomy!

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  1. Those waffles are amazing...Someday, I may get me one of those :)


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