Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Windy City

Did you know that Rochester is actually "windier" than Chicago which claims to be the "Windy City"?

Chicago got the nickname "Windy City" back in the early 19th Century... it is in reference to the false promises brought forth by Chicago area politicians during the early 19th Century.

Chicago...."You can't handle the Wind"!

Check out a recent windy day in Minnesota .....


That said....I was born and raised in a Chicago suburb. 
I've lived in Rochester for 16.5 years. 
Verdict:  Rochester is "windier" than Chicago.


  1. That totally rocks! I've always thought if I could devise a way to create commuter wind tubes from the clinic to surrounding towns I could be a gagillionairess...

  2. yeh Chris and I were talking one day about how stinkin windy it is here, ALL the time. So we looked it up and we're like the 3rd windiest city in AMERICA! Chicago wasn't even on the list. That picture made me laugh, heehee.


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