Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who's Your Idol?

I'm a little late jumping in to the American Idol season this year.  Tonight was the first time tuning in this season, and I only caught the last 20 minutes or so.

Got me thinking about last year . . .

Remember Jason?  I know a lot of people didn't like him, but for me, there was just "something about him".  Maybe it was his humility?

Earlier this week I came across these videos of Jason here

Are you surprised?


  1. Love it...great testimony... I love when people use their fame to glorify God!

  2. I liked Jason as well. I remember us girls sitting at your dining room table watching those last few weeks and (at least you and I) being shocked when Jason got elininated. I knew Jason was special!

    P.S. The great news is that Jason's Brother auditioned this year(on the first show) and he made it through to HOLLYWOOD. Jason was at the studio when his brother came out with the "yellow ticket"....whooop

  3. Have never watched Idol, but I absolutely love his video!!

  4. Tiffani S11:56 AM CST

    He was my favorite from last year. I called him "my boy". Each time he would be on Sammi would call me and say "Mom your boy is on." I loved just the easy way about him and you could tell that he knew there was more than just this American Idol. I had googled him last year (I know crazy) only because I wanted to learn more about him and was able to find videos of him singing at his church Lakepoint in Dallas. I love this video thank you for sharing it. I hope is brother is as humble as I think Jason is.


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