Thursday, January 01, 2009

Randoms thoughts and bringing in the New Year

New Year's Eve day I baked a batch of cinnamon rolls, bought two (cheap) glass bowls at Walmart and filled them with fresh eggs. 
Then Cara and I delivered a bowl of eggs and pan of cinnamon rolls to two neighbors.
DIY Guy and his friend Kraig have been working on the Taj-Ma-Garage.
I can't even describe the amount of dust in the air!  You can see some of it in the "sunbeam".  Soon we shall be painting!  Maybe next year we'll have to have a dance in there on New Year's Eve!
Kirk's brother-in-law is a New Year's Day baby --- he celebrated his 52nd birthday today.
We wished him a happy birthday via the internet and Skype.
Cara forced Nate into taking a picture together before they went out on New Year's Eve:
Cara is back in Cincinnati today --- so hard to believe.  She called happy as a lark because she got "called off" work for the first 4 hours of her shift tonight.  Just what she needed on her first day back home...some downtime.
I took down the decorations today, and the kids helped take the tree down.  It feels good to have some "empty space" and less clutter again.  I'm planning to paint my office yet this weekend....I'll keep you posted!


  1. We must have been gone when you stopped by with the cinnamon rolls and eggs, Ha,just kidding (but those rolls do look amazing :)

  2. The eggs are so pretty! And I miss Cara!


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