Tuesday, January 06, 2009


What do you call it when people are engaged in "putting together a puzzle"?
"Doing a puzzle"?
"Putting a puzzle together"?
I call it "puzzling" --
Puzzling, verb.  The act of putting together a puzzle.
For years it has been tradition for our family to puzzle during the Christmas season.  Last year we didn't for some reason, and I missed it.  For us, there is a bit of competition involved too.  (Note Danae in above photo)  There's the unspoken "race" to get the most pieces together at each "sitting".
There's just something about sitting 'round a table together and puzzling.  It is also hard to resist.  If you give up your seat, it WILL be taken.
(1000 piece puzzle - day 3)
Sometimes the hours pass, and you stay up way too late puzzling...but seeing "sections" come together is very satisfying.
I'll keep you posted on the progress!


  1. We love puzzles here in the Hinterland too. I can't wait for the day when we can have one sitting out in progress all the time.(it's kinda hard to do right now with a destructive 5 yr old on the premises ;-)

  2. okay i may be a loser but who's the other guy in the picture...and danae did you dye your hair again?

  3. I do NOT "do" puzzles...They make me crazy!!! Although I will do the little kiddie one that are 5 pieces with little sticks to hold onto in the middle of each piece...Now those I CAN "do".

  4. I love that new definition! :D When we do puzzles at my parent's house, we turn it into a race/competition thing too. hehehe Looks like you had a fun time!


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