Monday, January 26, 2009

Life as an empty nester

With a semi-empty nest (college students still come home) -- the evenings are quiet....
Even though we miss our kids, we aren't complaining.
Quiet is good. 
After dinner we poured a glass of wine, and sat by the fire and talked.
With the busy weekend behind us, and the week still ahead -- it was good to connect.
Monday is my day off - so I used it wisely -- getting my haircut, and re-arranging the great room.
With just the two of us here, this is a good arrangement. 
When we have a houseful, this won't work so good,
but for now....this is it.
Tomorrow I might pick up my new desk for my office. 2nd annual spending freeze shall start.


  1. I like the idea of the love seat by the fire.

  2. I think I want to come and live at your house....just for a little while. I think I could find a little bit of the peace I am lacking in front of that fire with a glass of wine. yup...I think so.


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