Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I need ya!

Every other year we sign up for the vision plan through DIY Guy's place of employment.  That's the year we all get our eyes checked, and get new glasses.  I am usually more than ready for new glasses -- although my vision has changed each visit -- the biggest reason I'm ready is because I want a CHANGE!

Wearing one pair of glasses every day, all day is like wearing the same jewelry every day.  It's good to change up the accessories.  Ocassionally I switch back to a former frame, but that means I sacrifice some vision...which I admit, is worth it at times.

Here's where you come in... I've tried on a million frames -- narrowed it down to a dozen, then down to two pair.  Then I realized these two pair were hauntingly similar.  I actually think they are the same frame in a different size and color.  Help me choose which one!
Far left:  my current glasses
Center:  frameless bottom with black upper
Right:  frameless bottom with copper-y-brownish upper
(Wow, that right photo is "special")
Here are the two choices side by side.
Posting these photos has helped me decide...a little.
Leave a comment and tell me which frame...
AND why.


  1. I like the copper colored one. It matches highlights in your hair... It mirrors your natural coloring. I like your old frames still...maybe you could get new lenses and have two pair where you can actually see!

  2. i like them both :) you know i'm no good at deciding! haha

    and seeing those photos of you... i realize that i look a LOOOOT like you! and if i look like that in (??) years, i'll be happy! you're very beautiful momma!!! :)

  3. I think I like the one on the right! You are very beautiful!!

  4. Anonymous8:16 AM CST

    I like the copper ones. However, the lighting in the pictures enhance each pair of glasses, but I still think the copper ones look very nice. You are very pretty in either style, and always.

  5. Probably the ones on the right, the coloring seems right for you, and get some new lenses for your current glasses...I really like those too.

  6. Brittney12:29 PM CST

    It looks like am the minority, but I like the ones w/ black on top.


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