Monday, January 19, 2009


Remember last year around this time? Danae and I embarked on a trip to Illinois for a weekend to attend be present at a retreat my sister plans, administrates, organizes & leads each year.
I've always loved being around teenagers. Their candid actions, antics, passion and energy are inspiring to be around. I also love the retreat/camp experience.
Singing and worshiping through song speaks to my soul and encourages me.
Another reason I enjoy going is seeing Deedee & Scott
(sister & brother-in-law)
and their three girls
Bailey, Kenzie, Molly
This year, DIY guy agreed to go with me! I'm so excited. He's going to help Scott put wireless internet at the lodge.
This is the other reason I like to go.
Cara will be the camp nurse. There will be over 100 students at the retreat. If any of them take medication -- she will be dispursing it. If there's an injury, she will be administering first-aid.
I've been hoping to attend this year. Over the weekend after DIY guy agreed to go, we started taking some action to make it happen.
1. Who will take care of the animals?
Just happens that Nate and Danae will be home for the weekend.
2. Kirk's band plays this Sunday. He will need a sub.
Merv is taking care of a sub for Kirk.
3. Is there a way I can be helpful at camp?
Deedee needs someone to make 2 meals on Friday for the leaders, etc before campers arrive. And someone to provide snacks for leaders.
I'm hopeful I'll be able to take Friday off.
Wednesday is Cara's birthday -- it would be nice to see her.


  1. You can do it're right...rubber meets the road here...

  2. YEA!!!! Work just got easier! I can't wait to see you, and daddy LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Yea...have fun and travel safe. p.s. I love Cara's comment, smiles*

  4. Anonymous9:05 AM CST

    Who is that cute blue eyed chick? I'm surprised no comments on that one!
    Ha ha!
    Aunt Sandy

  5. false. i will not be home this weekend. where are you hearing these lies? and i'm a little disappointed that i wasn't invited... none the less i'll deal since i can't go anyways since i babysit on saturday! hense not coming home :) have fun and hug everyone for me!!

  6. the label reads "kids" yet i only see 2 shown in the entry. you cut me deep, yo. ;)

  7. okay so so didn't realize how blue my eyes least i think you were talking about me :) if not...they still look really blue... weird


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