Sunday, January 25, 2009


DIY Guy and I have been in "full retreat" all weekend.  With sporadic internet provider service (in the backwoods) I once again suffered internet withdrawal symptoms.
To quote a friend, "It's all good" now...I'm once again connected with my blog friends.
It was soooooo good to see our girl. 
She was an amazing camp nurse.
Cara and her friend Heather look so much alike.  Although this photo doesn't show it much, there were plenty of times Kirk and I had to do a double-take to see who was who.  They added to our confusion by dressing very similar too.
I wanted you all to experience some of the fun going on in the dining hall . . . 

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Tonight I am very happy to be going here: 

Our down comforter, soft sheets, warm mattress pad and Sleep Comfort Mattress.......aaaahhhhh.  Bliss.
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