Monday, January 12, 2009

A good day at home

I'm going on the record -- Monday's off -- are wonderful.
Even if it snows!

These photos were taken around noon.

Clearing the driveway - the best part of a big snow . . .

Doing all things domestic today suited me just fine -- especially since it did NOT include cleaning! 

I decorated and "tweaked" around the house.
Made Artisan bread and some homemade pea soup - a new recipe that was amazing.  If you like pea soup....ask me for the recipe.  It isn't a creamy pea soup either.

Tomorrow back to off to bed for me!


  1. I Love the new snow and there is more to come.
    kirk looks like he's havin' a blast, I could get into driving that little machine!

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM CST

    I would love the pea soup recipe. Are you off on Mondays now instead of Fridays or were you playing hookey(sp?). That just doesn't look right!!! Stay warm your temp says -18!!!!!!!


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