Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alone again

The plight of a "first stage" empty nester is that the nest is not permanently empty.  Stage One empty nesters are those with children away at college -- who leave - return - leave - return - leave - return for months - get the idea.  They are gone, but not really.  We like to say they are "still on the payroll" at our house.
We still have 2 on the payroll.  And we have one OFF the payroll -- on her own. 
Successfully launched.
Last night was our last night before "empty nest" ....again.  Typically we take the kids out to dinner when it's time for them to head back to school.  Kind of a farewell and celebration all at the same time!  Don't get me wrong...we LOVE having them home (really kids, we do).  Truth is, we also kinda like the slow, quiet pace when we are alone too.
And, they like being on their own - out from under our roof. 
That's the way it should be.
Dinner out is a sure way we get
their undivided attention for a few hours.
A college student rarely refuses a dinner out.
So we went to one of OUR favorite places
And these two reluctantly smiled - and granted me a few photos.
Since we paid for their dinner and all.
It's a quiet place here at home.
All those years of noise, fighting, crying, diapers, commotion, Sesame Street ---
Over.  Poof.  Just like that.
"The days went by slow - but the  years went by fast"
Side note:  While we were waiting for a table at Newt's, an older gentleman looked down at Danae's gold shoes and said to his friend -- "that little lady has gold slippers on".  Too cute.


  1. I'm right with you friend...Mine goes back tonight :(

  2. HUMPH...i wanna...cute bangs danae! enjoy the quite...bc i'm moving back in for good ;) hehe...

  3. that's cute that he said that about Danae's shoes, heehee.

  4. Thanks for the someone still in the first stage...It's nice to see how well they can turn out...and your kids are very nice. Danae and Nate look ALOT alike in that last picture...I've never noticed it that much before...maybe the black and white and the bangs did it for me???

  5. Ditto Wendy's's sometimes so hard to not "wish them older"...esp when their age/stage is an especially frustrating one.

    I have to admit to having days when I wish I was an empty nester...oh to clean my house and have it stay clean for more than a day!

    Thanks for the gentle reminder to love them in the now. And per our AIM chat...your kids really are pretty great. ;-)


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