Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Why now?

Why now?  Why would you want to take a picture of me when I look like a dork?  Is it because I usually don't look like one?  Why don't you ever take pictures of me when I look think I look hot?  You know, when I've got my make-up on just right, or a new outfit I feel good in?  Or on a day when my hair "turns out" good?

For some reason the camera manages to find me when I'm not at my best. 
Does that happen to you? 
Tonight I needed to put a new heat lamp bulb in the chicken coop to keep the hens warm...and to keep the eggs from freezing before I gather them.  I asked Kirk if he would come hold the flashlight for me.  He quickly handed me his "cap with the lights" and I was on my way.  Translation:  he didn't want to come out in the cold to hold the flashlight.
However, it was worth it to him to get the camera
and come outside in his Crocs -- in the snow ---to take pictures of me looking dorky.
and the backsides of the hens sitting on the perch
Rosie was not about to let Kirk take a picture of her backside -- which, by the way, hasn't produced a single egg in over a month.  This is not good for your future Rosie.
This week's egg report:  4-5 eggs per day from the other hens.


  1. pretty sure Georgia is facing forward too, but all the other girls are showing their badonka-donks. and i think you look fine, mom. You should have been wearing your hair in a ponytail. ;-)

    and i'm surprised that you didn't call them "the Girls." haha,

    And yes, Rosie is looking mighty tasty! haha

  2. Cute pics.... way to go Kirk, I bet you thought she looked hot in your dorky hat...didnt ya :)


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