Thursday, December 25, 2008

What did you get?

What did you all get for Christmas?
Did you get what you were hoping for?  Were you surprised?  Did you surprise someone?
We haven't had our "tree" --- as in opening presents and stockings.  We went to church last night (Christmas Eve) ... and had our usual open house party with food and friends.  Then we went to bed and woke up late.  I mean late today.  Kirk and I slept til 10:45 am!  I think Nate and Danae rolled out of bed around noon.  I'm sure that makes some of the parents with young children a bit jealous.  Sorry.  Your day will come though.
Tomorrow is actually Christmas Eve at our house.  Danae and I are picking up Cara at the Rochester airport at 8:30 (if she doesn't get stuck at O'Hare).  The three of us will then proceed to shop the sales....before heading home.  Danae is dancing at an Alumni BB game in the evening...and following the performance, we are all going to Victoria's for a (late) dinner.  We'll then go to bed and wake up on Saturday for our "Christmas".  Our kids are very traditional...and want to keep up the traditions.
So, here...the excitement is still building!  We haven't opened presents yet. 
The best present will be having Cara home with us!
Hope your day was wonderful!  Tell me what ya got!
P.S.  Nope, I didn't get a puppy.  :(   (yet)


  1. I'm almost there.... I can feel the cold!!! :)

  2. We were talking about Cara coming home just last excited for you guys. Have a fun time at YOUR CHRISTMAS

  3. welcome home Cara and Merry Christmas to all the Dietzmans!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend together!

    Our best gift to the whole family was a Wii...the kids had no clue, and we built up the suspense so when they did open it I'm sure the squeals were heard thru-out the neighboorhood. It's already made for some very fun and happy memories for our family. *MY* best gift was a new laptop...but actaully received it a few weeks ago...but it counted as Christmas for me. bliss... ;-)


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