Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Too tired

Another list item crossed off . . . finished the kolachki's.  I swore the entire time I was making them that I'm not making them next year.  They are SO putzy and time consuming.  The only reason I made them is they are a favorite of Kirk and Cara's.  Ok, I like them too, but I sure don't need them.  I brushed my teeth twice while making them, so I wouldn't eat any!  (my secret deterrent....it's a psych thing...can't eat after I brush my teeth).

"House Finch Party"
Photo by Nate - out the front window, Monday morning.

Too tired today.  I went to bed too late last night.  Doing the "early" shift this week, so I have to be at the office by 7:30am.  (that's the 7:05 bus).

Questions of the day:
What time do you usually go to bed?
What time do you get up on a week day?
How many hours of sleep do you "need" to function coherently?


  1. Between 11pm and Midnight usually.
    I usually wake up between 6:30am - 7am...Whenever Jonah comes into our room in the morning...I haven't needed an alarm clock for nearly 5 years!:-) I could use a lot more sleep than I get...8 or 9 hours a night would be a dream!

  2. Anonymous8:29 AM CST

    I usually go to bed about 10:30 and get up at 5:20. Yes I could use more sleep...Especially because I am not one to fall asleep easily.

  3. To bed by midnight. Up between 6:30 and 6:45. Need 6 hrs sleep. Don't nap during the day unless I sit down to watch Oprah, then sometimes I drop off. Wish I could sleep longer, but guess I just don't need it. Never sleep in on weekends.

  4. Thanks for making the cookies!!!!! don't worry i'm sure i'll eat them all! :) ummm....your all gonna hate me...i'm still in bed...i tend not to go to bed till after midnight and then wake up generally not before noon...but hey thats what night shift does to you...now if i had it my way i would wake up at around 9:30 and go to bed by midnight!!!!! thats the way i like things giving me somewhere between 8 and 10 hours of sleep generally results in the happiest cara...now thats if you don't wake me up before i'm ready bc if you do...watch out :)

  5. To sleep around 11:30 - 12MN. Up for work around 5:50 - 6:20 depending on if I work at 7 or 7:30. On days off Im ususlly up by 8:00.

  6. Anonymous1:56 PM CST

    I go to bed around 10-10:30 and get up between 6-6:30. I really do best with 9 hours of sleep but most of the time I'm lucky to get 8.


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