Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow + Wedding

Yesterday we were blessed with another 8 inches of the white, cold fluffy stuff. . .
It really made our yard look like a winter wonderland
Then, just as we were about to leave for Kelli & Matt's wedding
It happened . . .
A White Out
But the wedding went on
and was the first wedding at our new church building
Despite everyone's concern about the backdrop being black
I think it was actually quite stunning and beautiful
The tables at the reception were very pretty
Clear bowls filled with "snow" and red ornaments
The winter wonderland continues to be beautiful
This is our view from our bathroom window!
Still chipping away at "the list".
I need to decide on my menu for Christmas Eve.  Any ideas ???
I'm considering enchiladas --- something different this year!  Probably soup too.
Other suggestions appreciated!


  1. Now if it would just warm up about30 degrees it would be perfect.

    Enchiladas sound great, I'd stick with that!

  2. Don't make anything I would like because I'll be extra sad not being there!


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