Saturday, December 20, 2008

One more thing off the list

One more item checked off the list....

16 dozen long-stem roses arrived yesterday morning
Ordered from Sam's Club -- delivered to my door
I didn't start working on the wedding flowers for Kelli until around 9:00 pm.  Mostly because I was running around doing other errands and checking other "to do" items off my list.
The bride's bouquet
The bride's daddy passed away several years ago.  Kelli had
me put a little charm with his photo tied to her bouquet.
Bridesmaid and Bride bouquets.
Very simple.  Very elegant.
Gotta go deliver the flowers to the church now ....  in the SNOW storm!


  1. very pretty and wintery

  2. Those are just gorgeous Cheri!

  3. For a minute I thought Kirk had over done it !!!!

  4. Love all the RED! I got married in a snow/ice storm also. The "cakelady" almost lost the cake in the wind, Ha


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