Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh the Banter....

And the beat list goes on . . . but Team Dietzman made some serious dents in the list tonight! 
I was amazingly productive tonight.  Maybe because I got on the 4:35 bus, so I was home by 5 really does make a difference.  While I fixed Turkey A'la King (thanks for the recipe Wendy!), the kids managed to keep quiet and out from under my feet in the kitchen.
I did hear an occassional "feed me" from Danae.  Poor little kids....they were hungry and had to wait for mom to come home from WORK to make dinner for them!  (Nate did put in a few hours at the Day Care --- giving credit where credit is due!)
After dinner, I got the kids busy working for the man, woman me!
Danae began working on her portion of the Christmas Letter.
. . . and had to move to near the fireplace to keep warm. 
It's stinkin' cold here in the frozen tundra we call Minnesnowta.
Nate, being the official fudge maker (carrying on Grandma Dietzman's tradition/recipe) got busy making a batch of chocolate fudge. 
And, as long as the chocolate chips were out --- and the clementines, he made one of his favorite dessert snacks.
Makin' fudge means a LOT of standing sitting near the stove and stirring. 
Gabby curls up on the sofa, trying to keep warm in the -6 degree night.
Kirk ran to (two) grocery stores to get everything on the "baking list" tonight.  Then he came home and made the fruitcake.  Even though he is the only one who will eat it.
The hens are doing a steller job keeping us supplied with eggs for baking! 
Over two dozen a week!
The list Stats:
Kolachki dough made
Cards finished
white elephant gift wrapped
3 loads laundry
Pictures can only show the events of the evening.  Unfortunately, what you can't experience is the fun banter, laughter and shenanigans that went on throughout the evening. 


  1. hahahaha shenanigans! not only do i love that word but i love shenanigans!! you know its a good night when my back hurts from laughing too much!!! and i'd say we did pretty good tonight considering we didn't break anything and there was only one "spill" which was actually just an overflow! :)

  2. Cheri...your eggs are so pretty...even better than the decorations I think! I love chickens!

  3. Fun tmes at the Dietzman house. I also love those multicolored eggs.

  4. I'm thinkin' you need to be sending them thar' kids on over to my house to help with my "list" ;-)

    And I love the bowl of pretty!

  5. I love the eggs too!


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