Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A myth?

My name is Cheri, and I eat cookie dough.
I've indulged from early childhood, standing on a chair in my mother's kitchen to reach inside the bowl for that soft, buttery concoction of eggs, flour, butter, oatmeal, brown sugar, sugar.... 
At some point in my early adult years the warning came out....eating food with raw eggs was dangerous to your health -- and you could get sick.   Urban legend?  Myth?   I'm here to tell you that in all the 40+ years I've been eating cookie dough - I've never gotten sick from it.  Unless you count the times I ate too much cookie dough. 
Maybe cookie dough makes you do funny things that you normally wouldn't do -- such as wearing an apron.
Or cause your eyes to cross
or, cause your eyes to look in two different directions
Maybe it could make your nose grow
Or blush when you wear pink
Or maybe . . . just maybe, eating cookie dough can make you do things for other people
Like standing in the cold Minnesota air ringing a bell
which is not a problem, if you are dressed for it!
Shortly after we were married, while making cookies .... I helped myself to some dough in the presence of DIY guy.  He coudn't believe his eyes..."what are you doing?" he said in shock.  It was then that I learned that my dear DIY guy had never tasted a cookie before it was baked.  After some convincing, he tried it.  These days, he never misses a spoonful of cookie dough when I'm baking!
So, how 'bout you?  Are you a dough eater?


  1. yes ma'm i am! I am after all i am my mothers daughter after all!!!!

  2. Cookie dough tastes way better than the cookies me thinks! Nothing wrong with the creamed butter, sugar and vanilla either, before you add the eggs, flour and other stuff. Not that I've ever tried it, nope, not me! ;)

  3. I eat it..never been sick from it!!!

  4. DIY guy says GO FOR IT! :)

  5. 72+ years & still eating cookie dough... Licking cake batter and whip cream off beaters too. With my girls not home anymore to help out eat'en and lick'en, I have to do it all :)

  6. I wouldn't hesitate...especially when you personally know the chickens who provided the eggs...store eggs...not so sure about that.

  7. Gailarry9:03 PM CST

    Yup...cookie dough eaters

  8. I am totally a dough eater, I don't care about raw eggs and I've never been sick! I usually make choc. chips cookies, just so I can eat the dough!


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