Sunday, December 14, 2008

The List

Getting ready for Christmas and working is a challenge. 
Well, for me it is anyway. 
Of course it doesn't help that when I leave for work in the morning, it's dark, and when I walk out the office door after work . . .  you got it, it's dark. 
The shorter days don't help with my productivity in the evenings -- and I don't have time to be tired and unproductive!
My Current to do list:
Christmas Cards
Update address list
Mail cards
Make cherry & apple turnovers for Christmas morning
Decorate house, inside
Decorate outside
Clean office
Finish shopping
Wrap gifts
Ship gifts
Invite guests to Christmas Eve open house
Plan Christmas Eve menu
Shop for Christmas Eve food
Make Christmas Eve food
Plan Christmas week meals
Bake cookies
Bake more cookies
Make fudge
Make peanut brittle
Make English toffee
Find white elephant gift for office party (16th)
Purchase gifts for Caring Tree
Wrap & take Caring Tree gifts to church
Clean up downstairs family room
Get to bed by 10 pm (haha)
Do flower's for Kelli's wedding (12/19)
Attend Kelli's wedding (12/20)
Do laundry, puhleeeze.
Host game night
I need to NOT think about this list anymore.
I'll start on it tomorrow after work and keep you posted.
How's your list coming along?


  1. One thing at a time...right?
    Love the "Tree" pic.

  2. Anonymous8:36 AM CST

    I continually try to not obsess with all the Christmas preparations as much as I used to. I have improved dramatically since I went back to work full time. I now only make each family member's favorite cookie, and sometimes, things just don't get done. Relax a little, unless what you enjoy is the hustle and bustle, then go for it!

  3. Cheri...Your list overwhelms me...I'm just planning on enjoying my kids this year...that's Christmas day...for everything else I'm buying a lot of wine! Tee Hee!


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