Thursday, December 04, 2008

Job report

Today is my "virtual Friday".  One of the benefits I negotiated with my new employer was a four day work week....and today was day four.
Yesterday was by far the most difficult of all the days.  Because I want to keep it real, here on my blog, I'm admitting that it was a very difficult day.  So difficult that by 10:30 am I was in tears.
I've never cried at a job before (unless I was very happy, or sad I was leaving).  Out of the happened, the tears welled up, and overflowed, right there in front of the woman training me (who I'm replacing).  Plain and simple:  I was tired.  I felt very stupid and incompetent.  I had been getting information pumped into my brain for the past 2 days/8 hrs a day.  They were talking about how much more I had to learn (like "doing" the contracts with the lawyer).  I had only "touched" on all that I was to know.  So, I kinda, sorta, lost it.....temporarily.
There is SO much to learn at this job.  I know how to be a secretary, an office manager, an administrative assistant, and even a youth director -- but I don't know much about designing buildings and the process that occurs when someone hires an architect.....and that has been the learning curve for me! 
That said, I am liking the people I work with.  The job will be great - today was much better.  And, let me tell you, these people know how to celebrate and build community!
Monday, first day of work, they took me to lunch.
Wednesday, lunch was brought in ...retirement party for person I'm replacing. 
Wednesday at 4pm - COO visits office and meets with us -- appetizers provided.
Today was . . .
"Therapeutic Thursday".
4:00 - 5:00 pm
Wine & Beer delivered to the office
as well as hot and cold appetizers
and 25 employees converge
on the conference room for
food, beverage & "downtime"
This is a once a month event.
Cara & Jessica at the "E" in Cincy for
their "therapeutic" day!
But wait, there's more!!!  "Bagel Monday" is once a month too (bagels, or pastries) and the best of all......Dress down Friday!!!  Love it.....wearing jeans to work! Oh, yeah - then next Friday, Christmas party after & beer tasting at the Radisson with heavy appetizers and fun stuff.
The following week...White Elephant Christmas gift exchange. ....and got it, more food.
I'm not eating at home anymore.
I'm sleeping in tomorrow morning.


  1. Anonymous8:52 AM CST

    Well Cheri, this too will pass. It gets easier every week. Sounds like your company knows there is some stress and tries to put some FUN times in to relieve it and build a "TEAM". Most of us have felt the same way that you do when we start a new job or get a new position. It is normal. Remember, learning new things may delay or prevent Altzheimers! That's what I am hoping for with my job. No need to do puzzles, etc to exercise my mind, it is exhausted at the end of the day. You will be a great addition to the "TEAM" at your company. They are lucky to have you. Have a great 3 day weekend. What an awesome perk.

  2. Oh Cheri...I'm sure you're doing a great job and in no time everyone will be flocking to you because you're the expert. I have no doubt in my mind that this is a great job for you...Look at all the planned hospitality...that is very Cheri! When I started my current job 8 years ago after being layed off at showCase...I said to myself the first week..."What the XXXX (fill in your favorite curse word) did I do?" And now...every once in a while I'm kind of bored! :-) It will get better...Hang in there!

  3. Thanks Sandy and Wendy for your words of encouragement...and votes of confidence in me.

  4. Did the tears help?.... I would think so :) They just sort of take some of that built up pressure off. (since I'm and expert crier, I know all about that...HA) Keep doing what you do Cheri, you'll be a pro in no time at all. Sounds like there will be lots of fun times to come, Enjoy
    P.S. Have a great day off :)

  5. glad to hear you got to go out for some fun and got to have drinks and food at work, hope i get a job like that! oh and i posted a new blog, btw.


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