Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Pre-school to post-college.
That's the age difference of the 18 cousins.  The group that converged for Thanksgiving.

We tend to be a rowdie group...ok, the women and children are rowdie.  The men (all "outlaws") sit back and wonder what in tarnation they married into (many years earlier)!

The offspring not only get along well with each other (no small feat) .... but they actually take care of each other!

This must be what it would be like to have MANY children...
The older ones pitching in and caring for the younger ones
While the parents enjoy time alone. . .
The "above averge" children entertain themselves
the older offspring make sure the younger children get enough to eat
and the younger offspring keep the older ones busy (and off the streets)
All the children taking care of each other. . .
and always a playmate around
I can't explain the latex gloves.


  1. This is so fun, your like a little mini poet!!

  2. makes g-ma's heart sing

  3. I think those kids will always be close...that's cool


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