Saturday, December 06, 2008

Come Back To Christmas

As promised, the auditorium decor . . .

Merv and his team (Lisa) created an amazing work of art
In creating a "Bethlehem scene" on either side of the stage in the church auditorium.
This is FOAM in insulation -- pink foam boards
A small drama stage
Although the pictures are dark (sorry, I didn't take time to edit), the scenes are 3D
View from the stage to the back (entrance into) the auditorium.
Just for the heck of it.
I feel so behind....not much shopping done, no baking done yet.  Decorating isn't done, boxes are still out....I'm living in chaos and can't stand it!  I need a couple WEEKS off work!
I'm hoping I can get my act together tomorrow and get a LOT accomplished -- Quickly.

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  1. I think the church looks amazing this year! You should have seen them painting the brown on the pink stuff last Thursday...They looked like giant turds! :-) You'd never have known that today though... Transitions are tough...hang in there!


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