Monday, December 08, 2008

3 things

1.  KIDS:  Our one and only boy came home from college on Thursday.  (He goes back Wednesday to take one final - then home again)  ....he was feeling a little shy this day.

We are glad he is home, because he can take care of the driveway today and tomorrow!
2.  SNOW:  Up to 10 inches of snow is expected!  A White Christmas!
3.  SHOPPING:  We didn't let the snowstorm stop us from shopping tonight!  It was perfect, no crowds.  Tonight was shopping for the two little girls we got from the Sharing Tree (Prison Missionary Fellowship sponsored through some people at church who are active in this ministry). On their lists:  Abby is 3 years old....she wanted pink boots it is, and a doodle pro.  I'm going to make some playdough too!  "Chapel" is 10, she wanted books.  We bought her two books, a hat and two pairs of mittens. 


  1. Send the snow this way

  2. I went out shopping tonight too. It was quiet and pretty outside.

  3. Nate's even cute from the back!:-) No go on lunch tomorrow...I decided to take the rest of the week off...Monday was just too much! Ha Ha! We'll have to try for next week...will that be alright? Hope so!

  4. creepy. i don't even remember you taking that picture...haha ;-)

  5. hahaha, another comment since the word verification was chipski and i thought it was hilarious.

  6. I am proud of fellow Minnesotans who are afraid to shop in the snow :)


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