Thursday, November 20, 2008

What's your day like?

What is your Turkey day like? 
Do you travel? 
Are you the cook? 
The host/hostess?
The dishwasher?  The pot scrubber?
Is your gathering smaller and more intimate?
Or larger -- yet still intimate . . .
Do you leisurely play games?
Or get a little rowdie?
Do you take care of the kids . . .
or do you take care of the kitchen?
Do you hang out with the family?
Take the pictures?
Take over the lazy boy?
Or are you the family clown?
I'm just curious.  Inquiring minds want to know!
Me?  I cook....a contribute my share to the dinner.  The last couple years we've spent Thanksgiving in IL at my sister's house....with my 3 sisters and their families, and my two cousins...and their families...and my aunt, and mom & her husband.  This year there will be 32 of us.  Last year the kids did the dishes!  It was amazing!  I hate scrubbing the pots, it ruins my already bad nails.  Did I mention the kids range in age from 4 - 23?  And the adults from 38 - 70+ ?  (don't worry mom, I won't tell your age :)
So, tell me about your T-Day.


  1. mine sounds a lot like yours ;) only with less cooking otherwise i'd screw something up!

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM CST

    Bob, Faith and I will spend the 2nd Thanksgiving traveling to Atlanta to be with our 2 sons, daugter-in-love and girlfriend. It is great to spend a holiday with them, since they are youngsters in the work world and have not managed to be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas since graduation.
    Preparations begin with a menu and grocery list e-mailed to the boys for shopping.
    I have cooked with help from Faith and the girls. Drew carved the turkey last year for the first time. He did a great job! The guys did the cleanup, which all the girls are so grateful for. We also play games and eat too much and enjoy being with each other.
    The sad part is that since my dad feels he is not well enough to travel, we leave him alone for Thanksgiving. I have to remind myself that I am priviledged to spend almost every evening eating dinner with him. It still makes me sad to leave him behind. Thankfully my wonderful neighbors included him in their celebration last year and this year I hope he will go to my aunt's home. It sounds and looks like fun at your celebration. Happy Thanksgiving to the whole clan.

  3. We switch off every other year. This year it's the Hemmer side. Either me or my sis-in-law usually host, but we all share in the cooking. Host usually does the turkey cuz that just makes sense. I will be bringing Mashed potato's this year to the other Hemmer house. We are having a late meal this year to accomadate the nurses in our family.(2 are working the day shift) The Hemmer side is small so only about 15. The girls do all the work on the Hemmer side,hummmm. On my side the girls cook, the guys carve the turkey and mash the potato's and best of all they do the clean-up and dishes. Hemmer side, pretty calm, usually not games, just sit around and chat.There are no little ones around...yet, grandkids range from ages 17 - 24.
    Erickson side a little more crazy, we play games, kids are running around and some adult kids are throwing the little kids around like in a wrestling match.Grandkids range from ages range from 6-27. So there you have a nut shell.
    Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving Cheri!

  4. We always go to Dan's parents house. His mom cooks and she won't even let us clean off the table because we'd ruin her system. Afterward everybody lays around looking at newspaper adds. In the afternoon we all head out to see a holiday movie if there's one appropriate for everyone. This year we're doing MadagascarII and I think Grace is old enough so she and Grandma won't have to stay home this year.

  5. Mine sounds like yours only this year i will arrive just in time for desert! But thats okay left over turkey is better long as their are mashed potatos i'm okay!

  6. as long as THERE are mashed potatos i'm okay! CARA!!!! COME ON!!!! hahahaha

  7. Anonymous11:09 PM CST

    ...mine is strangely similar to yours...only this year for the first time in DECADES all the sisters and kids and the aunts and cousins and families will ALL be there!...except Bailey :( And BTW there are 33


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