Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanks !

A few of you readers might be slightly surprised to see yourself below....I hope you aren't mad at me.  At least I didn't include your name.  In fact, I'm not for sure that you are, in fact reading, but I have a really good hunch that you are.
The rest of you, I know you are reading....because you comment, and harrass and send your love.  I also aware that some of you readers are wondering why your picture isn't posted.  Don't worry, it will be!  I'd love to include, if you are reading and want some fame (not fortune) I can help you out!  Speak up by leaving a comment.  More of these photos to may be next !
Thanks for reading!


  1. yay! that's me and daddy in the middle! :) and i do always read.. just so you know. even if i don't comment! :)

  2. Oh you know I read, but you dont have to picture me, I just enjoy reading your blogs and being your friend.

  3. Anonymous11:28 AM CST

    Hello, it's me ... Mr Goldfish -- yea -- that's me being held unceremoniously over someone's mouth -- ick -- that's an awful thing to do. Please help stamp out this practice that can bring certain death to goldfish not to mention unwanted parasites into your system.


    Mr Goldfish

    PS No goldfish were harmed in the making of this post.

  4. I read all blogs where my picture has been inserted without a signed waiver. I'll let it go this time.... I think that picture is from Puerto Rico a few years ago. I should probably get a new one.

  5. Anonymous8:10 PM CST

    ummm....the goldfish consumer wishes to inform the public that the gold fish had already been harmed by natural causes unknown due to the fact that no autopsy was done! After the picture it was cermoniously flushed...or shall i say "set free"


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