Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Remember when

Grocery shopping is fun when it's at Jungle Jim's!
This place is an adventure in grocery shopping!
"Foodie Land" is a VERY good name for this place...
The entrance to "foodie land"....
No kidding....it's like a theme park for foodies!
It's not fancy -- but it is BIG LARGE GINORMOUS !
It has over 6.5 acres (yes acres) of floorspace.
Is noted for having one of the largest
wine collections in the United States
and the craziest customers
This is just "part" of the "honey department" display!
They have foods from over 75 countries around the globe,
each has it's own "section" or "department".
I'm not sure which area I was in when I found these crickets,
but it was definitely in a specific country -
and not the bait section.
The store has its own live seafood tanks. 
Real tanks.  Huge tanks.
and if you are in the mood to make wild shark for dinner,
it's a pretty good deal...headless of course.
Or maybe you prefer Tilapia.
There are fun things all around --
like a life size fire truck (background)
(Cart jumping is a tradition in our family)
If you are EVER in the Cincinnati area, and you are a foodie,
(you know who you are) -- don't miss the Jungle Jim's experience!
Oh to have one of these places near me! 
The things I could cook....bake....try....
oh, and the prices.....very reasonable!


  1. Never heard if this place...looks interesting.

  2. hahaha, cart jumping...i do that ALL the time when you send me to the grocery store, it makes it worth-while...

    word verification: slumme

  3. fun! I like the honey display and Cara jumping on the cart. I'm always tempted to do that, even when I'm shopping by myself.


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