Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reach out and touch someone

I like to think that our family is
"close knit" as the saying goes....
as in we like to spend time with each other.

and dance, and laugh, and play . . .
We dont' ALWAYS get along. 
We are "normal" after all  -- whatever THAT is.
You know, we get on each other's nerves,
embarrass each other,
ocassionally say things we regret...
But we kiss and make up ---- eventually.
and put on our happy faces
Vacations and extended lengths
of time in a (packed to the roof)
minivan can really test family "togetherness".
and sometimes we just "know"
when to sit quiet and be quiet.
and not talk --
Until the rough spots are smoothed out --
and have "blown -over"
The five of us live in 3 different cities.
So, we try to make the most of our time together.
Reunions are always the best
Saying good-bye,'s the pits.
Email, cell phones and computers are wonderful for
keeping in touch with each other.
For instance, the other night . . .
We all got in a Chat Room on AIM and "talked", and
pouted, and complained, and teased.
and told each other
I Love You.
In a conversation with my firstborn awhile back she mentioned she grew up thinking that when people "grew up" they moved away from home.  Of course, that's all she knew.  Her parents did that, they grew-up and moved 700 miles from their families.  Then they moved again - still away from their families.  She has 4 Aunts -- and 3 of them moved away from their family.

On the other hand, I thought when you grew up you STAYED near your family.  I didn't know anyone who moved away from their family.  Everyone I knew had relatives living near them.
So, firstborn moved away from  home when she grew up.  Someday she will move back HOME.  I just know it.

To the younger two, all I have to say is this....."don't even think about it" ! 
Love you all!  See ya on AIM soon!


  1. ahhh mom! LOVED this one!!! :) it makes me very excited for thanksgiving!!! we gotta be sure to get a family shot :) you know when we're all looking spiffy and what not! ;)

    LOVE the pic of me, cara & nate on the bench looking SO happy! ;) hahaha

  2. are a stitch! You love your kids...of course they are lovable have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving...:-)

  3. I love your "family-ness". (that's a word isn't it??)

  4. Oh mom i love it!!! I wanna frame it you little poet!!!! I'm gonna figure out away to do it too! I can't wait to see you guys!!! And we do need a pic, I need one for work!

  5. Nicely done , you're blogging gets better all the time. Great family !! Love you all.

  6. Lovely thoughts and pictures to go along with them. I Love your famiy!


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