Saturday, November 22, 2008

Outside folk

Kirk & I have come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people . . .
Outside people  . . .
and  inside people
Outside people love being in the great outdoors
Inside people might be ok with being outdoors - if it's not too cold or hot
(this picture brings thoughts of Martha Stewart to mind ....bahahahaha)
I actually think I'm somewhere in the middle....I definitely prefer to be outdoors in the summer.
However, when it starts getting cold outside, I will default to being an indoor person.  Today, I CHOSE to be an outdoor person, since it wasn't too cold outside.  Truth be told, I actually enjoyed myself.  The conclusion:  if you are dressed for the weather,  being outside in the winter months isn't too bad. 
Today I cut a huge bunch of sticks from our red twig dogwood bushes.  I plan to use them for decorating at the church, and at home.  I also got some outdoor CHRISTMAS decorating done today too.
So....Are you and inside person, outside person, or somewhere in the middle, like me?


  1. Love seeing my sweet boy featured in your blog! I'm definitely in the middle....I enjoy the outdoors in small doses most of the year...altho I love being outside in the Fall.

  2. Outside person most of the time except for severe cold weather.

    Love those red branches. I've got some around here, maybe I'll just bring some of them inside for decorations. I prefer natural decorations over the glitzy ones from the store.

  3. WELL.... I cant stand the heat and humidity in the summer, I'd rather be in. Definatley outside in the spring and fall. Winter, I love being out as long as I'm dressed for it and not for too long at a time. I enjoyed your pictures, those red branches are really RED.

  4. Mostly outside unles it's so could I'm in physical pain, heehee.

  5. oh brie... cara is rubbing off on you! could? or cold?! ;) hahaha and i LOVE both! :D

    but i definitely BUNDLE up good if it's winter! hahaha

  6. i LOVE being outside in the winter, skiing, sledding, all that fun stuff. seasons are what you make of them! if you're gonna whine about the cold all the time, you aren't gonna have fun! Summer i like as well, easy to just run outside without having to worry about bundling up!

  7. Want my cross country skis? :)
    You certainly do look like M.S. in your photo


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