Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Out of the closet

I'm amazed, ashamed and astounded at all the CRAP we have accumulated, acquired, and stored.  CRAP that we don't need yet let it take up space in our home --- cluttering our lives and space.
Stuff we no longer use - (but someday might "need") --that we just "put" somewhere.  Like the closet, the garage, the "storage" room, the attic.
This Sunday Crosswinds Church is going to "fill the Salvation Army truck" before, during and after the 2 services.  Doug (our pastor) expressed slight concern over whether we'd be able to fill the truck.  I assured him --- that we would be single-handedly filling 1/3 of the truck from our house! 
Tonight drummer boy and I went through a few "stash spots" and did our own cleansing -- there will be more of this.  We realized we actually liked how it felt!  We might even make it a weekly event -- the night before garbage day.
I can't believe I let you see this stuff....please tell me I'm not alone?  Hello...tap...tap....anyone there?  There must be at least one other person out there like us..............................


  1. Thanks for showing me all of your CRAP Cheri...I'm climbing CRAP mountain too!

  2. Don't worry mommy i just moved and i have crap taking over more than 1/3 of our attic, that i have yet to touch! Oprah is doing a clean house tour some great ideas on how to get rid of stuff, and things like the closet test, very creative...not sure if i'm ready to go that far yet!

  3. Nope...we have no clutter ! (wink wink)

  4. You are so not alone! I'm wondering if we will have to drive both cars to church on Sunday!

  5. I should take a picture of the rooms over our garage and maybe it'd shame me enough to get rid of most of it. "Jeepers but I got that thing in Endwell, and I might need it and I remember when Cheri and I thought it was such a good bargain and and and....."


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