Sunday, November 09, 2008

Feel the Love

Our kids are in Elgin, IL this weekend....spending time with each other - and making memories with their younger cousins.  One of their big events was taking the cousins "goofy bowling".  They all dressed in crazy clothes and went bowling!
Who wouldn't want fun older cousins like these?
After bowling - they had a movie night
I absolutely LOVE the way the older kids love on
and care for their younger cousins.
I can't help but smile when I see them together.
Last July they made memories with the cousins on daddy's side of the family . . .
Their ages are a little closer matched on this side....
the youngest cousin on this side is our girl!
The oldest and youngest cousin
The girl cousins!  These three always have fun together.
They grow up WAY too fast.
Because of distance, busy lives, college these kids don't get to
spend as much time together as I wish they could.
But they use the time they have well.
Everybody should have cousins like Cara, Nate & Danae.


  1. awwwwwww yay! :) love this one!!! you got a lot of good pictures in there! :) i love all the family time and wished we all lived by each other so we could see everyone more!!!

  2. *I* wish I had cousins like Cara, Nate and Danae! ;-)

    Those are such awesome photos...what a wonderful family legacy.

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  4. Ah..what a bunch :) great pics Cheri

  5. Just a note...I was at goofy bowling and cousin weekend! and do actually play with my cousins! haha!

  6. i second cara's comment, i was at goofy bowling as well, and cousin weekend.


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