Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not perfect

Today's message at church was on "Fear of Failure".
We all experience failure.
Everyone is a failure - we all fail.
We can learn from our experiences - true failure is not trying.
The message this morning mentioned the "Christmas Letter".  You know the one...the bragging about how "the women are strong, the men are good looking, and all the children are above average".  I don't want to send that message.  I want to be real, authentic, approachable.
So, let me assure you....I have failed.  I've made mistakes, and I still do.  My marriage isn't perfect (find me one that is!!), my kids aren't perfect (but I love them).  My family of origin isn't perfect.  But, I'm learning from my failures and mistakes, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the family is too.  I won't bore you with our family history of failure.  However, I will introduce you to my imperfect family!

This looks so perfect doesn't it?  (You'd never know I was mad at him earlier that day)
The children who gave us gray hair and keep us up at night (with concern) . . .
My mom . . .
Me with my sisters.  No boys.  Just us 4 girls.
Me with my sisters, cousins, aunt and mom . . . (again, no boys, just us girls)
Let's keep it real folks.  I'll try, you try.  Others can learn from our failures as much as we can.  Maybe we should ask others to speak into our lives ... to give more feedback, advice, gentle nudging.  Let's learn from each other!


  1. Good blog Cheri. I love the pictures of your kids, they're really good!

  2. How boring our lives would be if we were all perfect!... Imperfection reminds us that we are human, it keeps us on our toes,helps us re-examine ourselves to hopefully make us better but most of all it means we need Jesus (the only one who is perfect)
    Great blog....great pics :)

  3. I like it! I like that were imperfect its more fun that way!! Haha and what would we do with out all that DRAMA! haha! I love the pics...good one of grandma! ps. my pass word verifcation was obtutva i thought it was funny hehe :)

  4. I enjoyed it Cheri! Good writing! Always enjoy reading!

  5. It's worth the effort.


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