Sunday, November 02, 2008

No grudging

"Practice hospitality to one another
without grudging." (I Peter 4:9)
I just had an amazing weekend!  Two of my children came home from college, the weather was beautiful and I got to practice hospitality to over 55 people in our home!
Saturday afternoon we hosted an open house for some special friends who are moving to Iowa next weekend.  Since they are considerably younger than us, they have friends who are younger, and who have young children.
I love to have people in our home, and feed them, but for some reason I don't do it enough.  Saturday was confirmation to me that I need to offer hospitality more often. 
I was nearly giddy with delight to have so many people I care about in our home.  It felt SO right. 
There were people inside visiting and eating, people outside by the fire, kids running all around the yard, kids watching a movie in the family room. 
From 4pm to 10 pm I savored all the laughter, joy, love and warmth.
and didn't worry about the carpet, the furniture or the walls.
I just savored the people enjoying one another.
Nope, no grudging from me.
I only wish our gathering was for different circumstances.
We'll have to celebrate their visits back to MN in the same way!
Today it was a pleasure to be outside
even doing yard work. 
Danae was on leaf transport duty
 Oops.  Sorry.
 Kirk bagged leaves, and sometimes raked.
We have a LOT of leaves.
 Then leaf transport went into action
 My little red neck girl
Fall in Minnesota bring symphonies(?)
of geese honking as they fly over the house
in "V" after "V"
Running out of daylight, but they finished!
This weekend our 20-something children were amazing....Nate helped with the party and kept the fire going, while watching out for the kids by the fire.  Danae was a trooper helping dad with the leaves. 
No grudging this weekend from any of us.  Cool.
Wondering how I fed over 50 people?
4 Turkey breasts, roasted (day before) kept warm/moist in chicken broth in a roaster
Homemade mac & cheese for 50, kept warm in another roaster
Double recipe of "spicy mac & cheese" (pioneer woman recipe)
Pop in the oven yummy rolls from Sam's club
Triple batch of sweet potatoes
2 large pans of pumpkin bars (THANK YOU JoLynn for making them -- you rock)
1 pan of special K bars (Thank you JoLynn)
peanuts & candy corn mix (again, thank you JoLynn)
2 pans of pretzel jello salad (thanks Lorri!)
Double recipe of lime jello salad
Veggies & dip
Kid snack mix (thanks Robyn)
Nacho appetizer (thanks Nicole)
2 gallons of apple cider
Lots of water with lemon
Recipes available by request !


  1. I know the feeling !! Love it when the house is full and running over. I too need to do more entertaining. Time flies by and I just don't do it. My plan #1 is to have those who helped out at the musuem this summer, over for supper.

  2. fun!!!!! Now I'm hungry :)


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