Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Join me!

At 7:40 am, after a 30 min wait in line . . .
I was number 198.
Did you vote?
Leave a comment and let us know!


  1. We were standing in line outside the voting place talking with other early voters by 5:50 A.M. We walked out at 6:40, thinking the long lines are what should always be election day.

  2. Anonymous8:46 AM CST

    I got in line at 5:50 AM with a election line longer than ever in my life ahead of me. I left the polling booth at 7:25 AM. I was voter # 159 this morning. I thought that there were hundreds in front of me. People were friendly and no one complained (except a poll worker, who was already frazzled! Poor thing, she will have a long day). I did thank my poll workers, as I remember working several elections, the pay is low and the day is very long. Thank goodness there are some who can serve and will. I hope everyone exercises their right to vote today! Sandy

  3. Went a few minutes after 9 am - zero people in line! The ballot box said 99. Not many voters yet at my location.

  4. i voted! :)
    and i didn't really have to wait at all... just walked right in! took about 10 minutes total to fill out registration and ballot and all!! aahhhh i love going to school in a small town! :D

  5. and this was at 11! hahahaha yes.

  6. Just voted...no line. Glad i waited till mid afternoon,or shall I say I'm glad I didnt have to work so i COULD go mid afternoon.

  7. Took 5 min to fill out registration to vote in winona, since i was already registered in rochester (only voted once!! ;-) ). No line at all, i think i missed the rush, since i was number 721.

  8. I did vote, at John Adams and I didn't have to wait at all!


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