Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hodgepodge entertainment

You never know who you will run into at fundraising events!
Kirk and former Mayor of Rochester, Chuck Hazama reminisce.  Kirk took a group of teenagers to the Mayor's home on a photo scavenger hunt.  They had to have a photo with the Mayor as they sang him Christmas Carols.  He was such a good sport --- he stood there in his bathrobe listening to teenager sing to him!
One of the "hats" I've been wearing at church the last couple weeks (and coming weeks) is that of the "go to person" to sign up (online) to ring the bell for Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive.  I ran into Dennis and MaryAnn (they signed up at church) ringing at TJ Maxx on Saturday.   Our church (Crosswinds) has received recognition in the past for having the most "ringers" from one organization.  We are a small church, with huge hearts.
DIY Guy worked on the garage ALL day Saturday and Sunday.  He's getting ready for the drywall to go up this week.  Which means LOTS of CRAP had to get cleared out.
And things moved off the wall, and away from walls.
He's in behind bars in DIY - Garage-ma-hall !
Today we took TWO pick-up truck loads from our house -  to the church for "fill the Salvation Army truck day".  The guy from Salvation Army told me that our church had the largest fill the truck event ever.  We "outdid" all the other organizations and churches he has ever done this event for over several years!   He also told me we had better junk than the other groups!  Now THAT's worth bragging about!  Ha. 
I finally did it today.  I sorted through all our Christmas tree ornaments.  The kids have received ornaments from family since they were born.  They actually have more ornaments than Kirk and I do - and now that they are all divied up it is even more obvious.  They aren't going to like it, but this year I'm going to put the few ornaments on the tree that belong to Kirk and I and add to them with some pretty bulb ornaments.  I just want something different.  My kids are VERY sentimental about their ornaments, ,so I know this will be hard for them.  Sorry kids.  There is also a box of ornaments that I no longer want -- so they will have that box to sort through this year and choose what they want.
Well, off to vacuum....I tried a new carpet spot remover and need to vacuum it up.  I hope, hope, hope it works! 


  1. First time seeing the photo of Mayor Chuck & me --

    To tell you the truth -- it almost looks like we're singing -- must have been some Minnesoooooota --hoooolding of the Oooooos :)

  2. is that picture of dad and the mayor from the civic league dinner?

  3. i think dad & mayor chuck are for sure singing! :) hahaha nice catch dad! :)

    Word Verification: inati
    ... apple's version of cincinnati? ;)


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