Monday, November 10, 2008

Heroes, revisited.

As I was looking through my file photos yesterday for the "cousins" blog I ran across some photos I forgot I had.  You might remember a while back I blogged about meeting Blake Shields who is "Flint" on Heroes.  In that blog (August 26, 2008) I posted pictures of my first born dancing with "Flint".

Here's what I found last night  . . .
Baby Girl also had photos taken with Blake!
If you are curious, you can look at more info on Blake by clicking here.
For the record, Baby Girl had these photos on her camera.  She also had a picture of her and just about every person at the wedding together!  I watched her going around doing the self-photo with was pretty funny.

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  1. hahaha yes please! the 2nd photo is a result of the first cuz i was like wait, i want one where you don't crouch so we can see just how tall you are! (since he was VERY TALL!) and so he said should we take a "real life" or something like that? hence our awkward pose? hahaha but i love it! :)


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