Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gotta love him

Matt comes into our office every Tuesday.  He is never late, and if for some reason he is, he feels terrible about it and apologizes profusely.  He takes his job VERY seriously.
Matt loves the Twins and Vikings and reports the scores when he arrives on Tuesday morning.  He also loves to celebrate birthdays.  When one of his family members has a birthday, he shows us their picture (at a staff meeting) and we all have to sing Happy Birthday to the picture as he holds it up for us to see.
Matt is turning 35 in a couple weeks.  When we ask him what "that means" (i.e. turning 35) he says, "I'm an old coot".  One time he said, "I'm an old goat".  You gotta love him.
He accepts, trusts and likes everyone and is always smiling and happy.
When I asked if I could take a picture of us, he loudly said, "Yeah, sure"  (a favorite response)
I scrunched down to be at his level to take the picture, and he scrunched down too!  He's the bright-spot on Tuesdays!


  1. moooom. that's not a fu manchu!

    but great blog none-the-less :)

  2. Nice Story about Matt -- we can learn from people who do their tasks cheerfully and love & trust others.

  3. I for one wish I was more like Matt. Tell me when his birthday is and I'll sing to his picture on the computer.


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