Sunday, November 23, 2008

Garage Logic

The "Garage-Ma-Hall", "Taj ma garage", "ballroom" is coming along quickly....thanks to some hired workers!  (Thanks Kraig & Joel)
Insulation is in, drywall is up.  Yet to do:  Taping & sanding, install heater, install utility sink.
I'm also going to stain the concrete and paint the walls something other than "builder white"  --something in a tan or soft green?  hahaha
Yeah, it's a garage, and workshop -- but we also plan to have some rock'n parties out here! 


  1. about winter parking with the cars..... since dad is taking up space for a work area... that means that his spot for his vehicle right? since he's choosing to use it for his workspace??

    and by parking for the "winter" i clearly mean december 11-jan 11 ;)

  2. and where does that ping pong table go?

    and go with tan. i mean i would say white b/c that'll keep it looking BIGGER and more OPEN as soon as you plaster color on there it's going to get smaller and smaller... so tan if anything :)

  3. i cant believe that's...your garage, where's all the stuff?

  4. holy cow! it looks like a brand spanking new garage. i didn't even realize it was our garage until i started reading! i thought it was gonna be someone's garage that you were getting ideas from!! you guys work fast! looks awesome though!

  5. WOW!!! You do work fast! It's a garage remember mom...nothing to girly!!!! Probably tan so parties can be cordinated to color...tan goes with everything...not so much green! ;)


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