Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fresh Start, new beginnings

May 12, 2008 - November 24, 2008.
Six months and twelve days.
That's how long I was at my last place of employment I mean job.  "Job" because it was a "job" to be there.  I didn't belong.  I didn't fit.  It wasn't me.

A little over a month ago a friend told me about a job she had seen online.  It sounded intriguing to me, so I sent in my resume.  From there these events followed:
1.  I was invited to an interview.  I went.
2.  I found out I was their top candidate. 
3.  I was invited back to a second interview.
4.  I was offered the job.
5.  I declined the job offer (with sorrow, but it was FT and I wanted a more flexible schedule)
6.  Same day I declined, they called back, and basically asked what it would "take" for me to      work for them.  I mentioned 3-4 day work week, 4-5 weeks off per year (unpaid is ok), flexibility.
7.  Invited back for a meeting --- to discuss the above.
8.  They are happy to be flexible!
9.  Second job offer made....last Thursday, Nov. 20
10.  I accepted the position as Administrative Assistant at an Architecture & Interior Design Corporation. 
11.  Last Friday I resigned from my job at the church.
12.  Yesterday (Monday) was my last day. 
13.  I start at my new job on Monday, December 1st.

I am SO excited to start my new job.  The environment is inspiring.  The people already seem wonderful and there will be new things to learn, creative opportunities, and inspiring people.
Here's the office area where I will work.  My desk will be where the computer monitor is...that area.
This is the conference room I was interviewed in!
Here's a sample of my new employer's mad design skilz
The T. Denny Sanford Pediatric Center
at Mayo Clinic, Rochester

I've bought my December bus pass, will be loading up my ipod, and getting ready for the downtown commute!

Now, I must get back to my Thanksgiving meal contributions.....


  1. Awesome Cheri....WOW what a deal for you. It sounds perfect, and I wanna hear all about it. We really need to get together and catch up....How about after Thanksgiving sometime.

  2. awesome...it does sound perfect for you. Congrats and best wishes on your new venture!!

  3. ps... what company is this that you are now employed by???

  4. Way to go Cheri...you'll do great!

  5. Jackie....it's HGA in the Massey building. First Ave & Second Street.....I think.

  6. Anonymous7:40 AM CST

    CONGRADULATIONS!! I am so happy for you! They are so lucky to have you. You will do wonderfully! I am confused..you will take a city pass to downtown Rochester? See you later today!

  7. Wow Cheri, this sounds really cool, just perfect for you! I'm excited to see how you like it! Way to go!

  8. I've been gone for 10 days, so I'm just catching up on the news! I'm glad it worked out. Can't wait to hear more.


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