Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Fox and the Hound

If you've ever seen photos of Yorkshire Terriers -- or stuffed-toy Yorkies, you may have noticed that often times they have a little pink tongue sticking out.  Our Yorkie, Maddie is no different.  However, she has an EXTRA long tongue....and she likes to lick the air with it!

At this point, it isn't cute -- it is very annoying.
She licks all the time.  
Seriously.  Can you believe how long the thing is?
So, she has a long tongue.  But as of last night, we have come to realize that Maddie also has some kind of good luck aura about her.......
About 1:00 am this morning Kirk had a bit of a coughing fit -- (he has a cold).  So he got up to cough somewhere other than our bed.  As he walked by the little kennel that Maddie sleeps in, he became aware of a nasty, yet familiar odor.  Maddie had gotten "sick" in her kennel.  I don't mean "puke" sick --- yeah, that.  The other end.
So Kirk got her out of the kennel, and let her outside while he cleaned up the kennel.  When he went back to let Maddie in, she wasn't there.  He called, bribed, threatened.  No Maddie in sight.  Frustrated, Kirk returned to the bedroom and dressed for a middle of the night stroll.  Walking down the driveway toward Maddie's favorite spot --- the street sign on the corner where all smelly things reside ---Kirk sees something.  Is it Maddie?  Not sure.  Walking closer he realizes what he is seeing is a FOX --- and Maddie.  The fox is sniffing at our little dog, who isn't in the slightest bit phased, interested or concerned.  As Kirk approaches closer the fox hesitates, then runs.  Maddie has just had a near death experience.

We have been hearing the foxes barking at night.  We even commented the other day that we probably shouldn't let Maddie out alone at night.  With the owls, hawks, fox, etc. it could be a dangerous place for a 7 pound yorkie!



  1. hahahaha omg! okay first of all... GROSS on the tongue. 2nd of all. of course she wasn't phased... what an idiot! hahahahaha

    and btw you forgot to mention that she's a 7pound yorkie who SHOULD be a 5 pound yorkie! ;) maybe you should've let the fox have a bite!

  2. or MAYBE the fox didn't want to eat her after all...maybe the fox doesn't like FATTY foods? hahahaha

  3. Anonymous8:56 AM CST

    Wow, Maddie is a lucky dog that her daddy loves her. Makes you realize that the little dog species could not exist without humans. Sandy

  4. Yikes...we too have to be careful about fox and cyotes. Good idea not to let him out after dark. I'm so glad Kirk went to look for him...close call.

  5. Oh my... I"m soooo glad Maddie didnt get taken by Mr. Fox, wow that's kinda scary. Do you think Maddie has a little OCD (with the tongue licking???) Ha

  6. Hhahah, Maddie, what a goof. I don't like the thought of foxes around! I'm glad she's ok!


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