Thursday, November 06, 2008

Fine Dining

Just a reminder....THIS is the real me . . .  a "Wild Pitch" burger from King's Tavern.
Dining in fancy establishments isn't something I've done much of.  I think I can count on one hand, 2 fingers the number of times I've been in a really, really nice place.
The first time was on my 18th birthday (I think).  My parents took Drummer Boy and I to a place in Indiana called the "Barn" or something like that..which doesn't exist anymore.  It was one of those places where if a guy walked in without a tie and jacket, they would loan you one. I wore a floor-length dress...because in the 70's, that was cool.  It was a really, really nice place. 
My other fancy-schmancy dining experience that was over-the-top, really, really, really nice was a few years ago.  It was on a business trip in La Jolla, California.   Which is also the time I stayed in the nicest five-star hotel ever.  The place:  Donovan's Steakhouse.  The guys had to wear ties and jackets here too.  Go figure.
Talk about new experiences.  WOW. 
We walked past this looooong, beautiful bar when we arrived . . .

and past these tables
To this beautifully appointed PRIVATE room . . .
I think there were more glasses on the table though.  You know, one for the white wine, one for the red, one for champagne, and another for water.  There were more plates too.  Definitely more plates, and LOTS of SILVERware. 
This evening started with bar drinks of our choice & some mingling with the VIPs.  Then we were seated (it was my job as the Admin Asst. to inform key people where they should sit!)  After we were seated the wine menu was presented to a VIP who chose a few wines for the table...after the ceremonial taste & approval of the wine, we all enjoyed his selection along with appetizers galore including lobster & shrimp....then salad, bread & another wine.  Before the main course was presented the table was cleaned....I mean cleaned....the waiters used these little silver scrapers to clear off the crumbs. 
Then we were served our steaks, cooked to our preference with perfection along with  -- platters of sauted whole mushrooms and bowls of asparagus.  We also had baked potatoes. 
Then it was time for the tables to be "cleaned" again.
Then dessert....which I can't even remember!
It was a classy place and I was happy I knew which fork to use.  I think my preferences are somewhere between White Castle and Donovan's!


  1. I think the "fanciest" place for me was right here in Rochester, "The broadstreet cafe". I definatley dont care for those kind of places. I like to look at a menu and know exactley what I'm eating. When I'm served a salad I prefer Iceberg over any of those leafy salads that look like I'm eating weeds...yuk. and I just want good ole' french/western dressing, NOT some crazy vinegar/oil dressing. I'm a plain Jane, and most happy that way.

  2. how come you and dad didn't take me and my boyfriend to a super de duper fancy restaurant for MY 18th birthday!?!? :( disappointing! ;)
    hahah j/k.
    first of all... what boyfriend right?
    second of all... i'll probably need some manners first huh? ;)
    i just don't think i'd ever fit in in a place like that/those!

  3. yeah..I'm not a fancy-schmancy kinda girl either. Who needs that kind of pressure when all you want to do is enjoy a meal??

  4. Love it! I love it all...Little Debbie snack cakes and Broadstreet...I was sad when they changed...I'd only been there twice. Once when I was layed off from ShowCase Corp...At least they knew how to send you off with a bang...and Dan and I went for an anniversary and had the Chef's tasting menu...It was awesome!


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