Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Church browsing . . .

No, I'm not church shopping....or looking for another church, or spying on other churches. 
I just like to check out all the different and unique designs that churches are using when they build and create environments.
I love the direction that many churches are headed -- making their buildings a place for the community to gather and use  -- not just a place for the Sunday folk.
This particular church in Cincinnati is where Cara, Jessica, and Cari spent a lot of time studying for their nursing boards. 
It was a great place for studying....quiet, free wireless internet, cozy, contemporary, spacious, and the coffee is good....and free!  (pop is free too!)
There is plenty of space to be away from others
and little niches of cozy-ness sprinkled
all around this great room type area.
Kind of an eclectic mix here.
stained concrete, urban, pottery barn-ish, industrial
This church had stained plywood walls cut in different sizes
Understated.  I like it.
Neatness matters. 
No messy brochures cluttering tables
The kids area....unbelievable and visible from the large open area.
the tree is fake -- but very realistic!
More fun in the kids area!
lots of cubbies and places to climb and crawl
Signage in this building gets an A+
I'm always looking for ideas for our church building.  Have you seen any really good, creative, fresh, ideas that would be awesome in a church?  What ideas do you have?  Have you seen?  Please share!

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  1. Love it! I like the website too - courtesy of the coffee cups. Interesting that it is called crossroads and we are crosswinds!


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