Saturday, November 08, 2008

All in a week

 We got our first snow. . .

Drummer boy washed windows!!
We checked under the pool cover to see if there was a leak.....and there was. 
Gabby killed an oppossum.....for sure.
Then Gabby looked for more possums, then she took a nap. 
And I smell popcorn now.....
Jealous?  Drummer boy makes the coffee, and the popcorn....AND WASHES WINDOWS!!!! 


  1. lovely snow! It was in the 60's in cincy all week! :) and Way to Go Gabby, she knows how to do it right! :)

  2. I'll let you know when Gavin needs an animal for taxidermy in his sports Biology class, then maybe you can send Gabby out to get him a possum. Ha Ha

  3. Kirk be da man...Gabby be da dog!


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