Monday, October 27, 2008

Undiagnosed ADD

I have ADD.  I know.  I took an online test.
It said you don't have to have all the symptoms, just a couple.
These are some of my symptoms:

  • I have difficulty getting things in order when I have to do a task that requires organization.

  • I have problems remembering appointments or obligations.

  • I avoid or delay getting started on a task that requires a lot of thought.

  • I often misplace or have difficulty finding things at home and work.
Tonight I made pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins I roasted yesterday (for pie filling).
Then I headed to my office to do some paper work, and remembered I had bought this organizer after work today.
With labelmaker in hand, I got busy organizing all my cords, USB cords, chargers, etc.  Since people with ADD have issues with finding things, I thought this would help.  This organizing tool  impressed Kirk.  How about you?  Good idea, huh?  I wish it was mine, I saw it in Real Simple Magazine.
Then I remembered I am hosting a farewell open house this Saturday.  There are 54 adults and 37 children invited.   I needed to plan the menu !!
But I'm having difficulty getting things in order, AND I'm delaying getting started on this task that requires a lot of thought!  I do, however, have LOTS of ideas swimming around in my head.  I just need to put the menu down on paper.  It will all come together.  It always does.
That organizational shoe/cord/charger organizer is giving off PVC (polyvinyl chloride) gas and giving me headache! 

I should go clean the counter.  And go to bed....I have to be at Mother Mayo by stupid o'clock tomorrow morning.

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  1. well i had something funny to post about the ADD portion of this post, but due to my own DIAGNOSED ADD, as soon as i saw the picture of the pumpkin seeds, i instantly forgot about it! I hope some of those are for me!!! :-) My mouth is watering just thinking about them haha!


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