Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I come from a long line of "savers".  You know, people who like to keep stuff.  Not just any kind of stuff -- but stuff that has memories attached to it.  My Grandma R was a saver....and a teacher...she even saved papers her students did in class!  (that blog will be tomorrow!)
My mom WAS a saver.  She doesn't save much anymore --- she's been giving her saved stuff to her four daughters so we can "save" it and worry about throwing out memories.  There are some benefits to being a saver.  For instance, when I was 3 years, 10 months (it says so on the back of the photo) on Christmas, 1962 -- Santa brought me this "Kissy Doll".
See the box behind says "Kissy".  This doll was amazing in her little playsuit and red shoes.  Even more amazing...when you pulled her arms together in front of her..she puckered up for a kiss! 
This is "Kissy" today (literally - I just took the photo).  I had to unpack her from the box she was in on the top shelf in my closet.  Her clothes are different -- she is actually wearing a dress that my girls wore...Kirk picked it out for Cara when she was born.  (see, more "saving" going on)
This is a Madame Alexander doll.  A quality doll.  I remember spotting her in the toy department of Marshall Field's on a trip with my mom and grandma.  Once I held her, it was love.  She was meant to be mine.  Her lifelike "feel", eyes that opened and closed and the way she cried "mama" when I rolled her forward (really, she still does too) - was the closest thing to a real baby I'd ever seen.
I was pretty excited when she appeared under the tree that year!  Oh yeah, the dress she is wearing....Cara wore it to her Aunt Barbara's wedding when she was 9 months old! 
Ok -- here's a family mystery.  Notice the missing eyelashes on my doll?  I think all my dolls (except Kissy) had their eyelashes cut!  No kidding.  And, nobody will confess to doing the deed. 
Indulge me a little here . . . another "saved" item from my childhood. . .
This is "Dot".
Dot has been around for longer than I can remember, but was "there for me" through bad dreams, boyfriend break-ups, bad report cards, and broken legs.
And when I couldn't calm down, or fall asleep at night, she had a wind up music box in her tummy that played Brahm's Lullaby....da da da,-- da da da, --daaa da da da da da da -- lul-la-bye, go to sleep --- la la -- la - la - la -- la la.......

I'm getting sleepy now.
What did your mom/dad save for you?


  1. NO way i remember sneaking and playing with dolls when you used to keep them in the hallway, and when you would let me too! I also remember playing with the dog! I hope i get to inherit these treasures! hehe! I like that you still have this stuff...i never knew you kept it all! ;) p.s. i don't want it yet! ;)

  2. My parents saved lots of my old books, which my kids now read, like Little Golden Books - cover price 49 cents. I think these are around $3 now.

    And a big box full of Sindy dolls, house and furniture. Can you say '70s? Haven't cracked these back out yet. I am feeling old.


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