Sunday, October 05, 2008

Let's show 'em

My friend, Mark recently posted on his blog about the Popular Mechanics 100 Things Every Man Should Know List.  I read the list and decided I knew how to do SOME of the things on the list.  Then my curiosity kicked-in  . . . was there a list out there on the web of things women/moms/girls should know?  I did find a list of 25 Skills Every Woman Should Know HERE

Girlfriends - we KNOW we need to know more than 100 skills!  Let's list them! 

Here's a start . . .
1.  Remove gum from hair.


  1. Ok, at the risk of being sexist, I'll chime in -- I love the way you did the girls hair when they were young -- so being able to braid / pony tail / curl hair / straighten hair -- I'm sure you could come up with 10-15 dealing with 'hair' -- even giving your husband/boyfriend a haircut.

  2. How to sanitize favorite toys that fall in the toilet...YUCK!


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